Norma Jean feat. Ficchi


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A track in collaboration with @ficchimusic.

"Norma Jean" is about a person who has experienced a heartbreak and is struggling to move on from it. The person in the song is longing for their ex and is finding it difficult to adjust to life without them. The song mentions the pain and scars that come with a broken heart, and the person in the song expresses a sense of longing for the past and a desire to go back to a time before the heartbreak occurred. The song also mentions a person named Norma Jean, who may be a reference to Marilyn Monroe, who was known for her beauty and fame, but who also experienced heartbreak and struggled with mental health issues. It's possible that the song is using the reference to Norma Jean as a metaphor for the person in the song's own struggles and challenges.

The Feeling [House]